You’ll find what you look for

by Jody Simpson, PhD (comments: 0)

You will always find that upon which you focus, you’ll find it if you look for it.  We live in a society where we are bombarded with illness.  Just for fun, the next time you are watching daytime or evening television, keep score on the number of commercials advertising an illness.  Well, they appear to be advertising their drug to correlate with the illness, nevertheless, the focus is on being ill and needing the drug.  How many of those advertisements encourage us to request the specific drug from our doctor?  What diseases are advertised, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, constipation, arthritis, ADHD, anxiety, sleeplessness, acid reflux, or gas and bloating?  It’s even more impressive when the advertisement uses an acronym to advertise the disease, such as ADHD, GERD, COPD, ED, IBS, OCD, PMS,  ____ and you can learn which medications are “best” for these diseases in an afternoon of viewing family television.  Of course, potential side effects are also listed, but never in the same cheerful or serene tone as talking about the illness.  Imagine, again just for fun, if the listing of side effects were in the same harmonious tone and you could sing about symptoms such as disorientation, gastrointestinal bleeding, thoughts of suicide, renal failure, heart arrhythmia, impotence, or death.  The main point is that we are led to focus on illness and assume the advertised drug is the answer to our health.  If you focus on illness, you will find illness.  As has been said in the first sentence, you will find what you focus on.  Focus on what you want!

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