Advanced RMP Trainings


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Regardless of whether you have been using the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) for many years or have recently began using the RMP, these focused topics will give you the opportunity to practice your skills in applying the RMP to specific situations.  The objectives of each seminar is to learn in-depth skills in each topic.  Real cases will be presented with RMP profiles and we will discuss how the profile was used to address the needs of the client(s). 


  • Applications of the RMP in therapeutic relationships. This seminar will focus on using the RMP in parent-child relationships including notable differences in profiles which have resulted in misunderstandings and conflicts between parents and children and how the differences can be used to build strength into the relationship.  We will also present profiles of marital couples and couples planning to marry.  

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  • Applications of the RMP in the school environment. With the alarming incidences of school violence, this is a very timely seminar.  This seminar is designed to examine how the RMP is a vital part of school based risk and threat assessments.  Counselors and school psychologists are part of the team developing behavioral plans for students and the RMP is the only test which truly reveals the underlying motivational drives which explain behavior so that a plan can be developed to meet the student’s motivational drives.  Knowing the appropriate motivational drives can result in improvements in both behavior and academic performance. 

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  • Application of the RMP in career guidance. Life coaches, school guidance counselors, and university advisors are often asked to help students seek the career for which they are best suited.  Often, adults feel stagnant and seek to change professions.  Regardless of the circumstance or age, the RMP is a powerful tool for career guidance.  This seminar will focus on aspects of the RMP which correlate with occupational interests. 

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  • Application of the RMP in the workplace. The RMP has multiple benefits in organizations and businesses.  Issues including team building, conflict management, task assignment, supervisory tasks including employee evaluations and plans of improvement, and motivating employees can be addressed with the RMP.  This seminar will focus on specific and multiple applications of the RMP in the workplace. 

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Cost & Payment:
The cost of the seminars decreases when enrolled in multiple seminars.  One seminar $350.00, two seminars $300.00 each, three seminars $250.00 each, and four seminars $200.00 each day.  All seminars will be conducted in Dallas.  The 4 seminar days are held on consecutive days immediately following the RMP certification course.  If a previously certified RMP master is interested in enrolling in the 3 day certification course, the fee is greatly reduced to $300 for the course.
Full payment must be submitted prior to the beginning of the training session. Once you register for class, we will send you an invoice with a PayPal link that allows you to pay via PayPal or credit card. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Discounts for early registration and the registration for two or more classes are available and will be applied to your invoice.

Your Trainer:
Jody Simpson, Ph.D. is a Certified School Psychologist and the owner of the Academy for Motivation and Empowerment, Inc.  She is also a certified trainer for the Reiss Motivation Profile®.  As a professional with more than 30 years in the mental health field, she has provided countless hours of therapy and performed thousands of diagnostic evaluations with children and adults. In business applications, she has used the Profile to help employers with pre-employment decisions, team building, and the develop better management skills.

Training Venue & Hotel information:
Training venue to be announced.

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