Reiss Motivation Profile® Master Certification Training


upcoming training dates: January 29-31, 2020, Dallas, TX

The Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) Master Certification course is a 3 day training designed for employers, managers, Human Resources personnel, and mental health professionals including psychologists, school psychologists, social workers, school counselors, life coaches, therapists, and clergy who work with employees and clients with a variety of life and professional areas. The course will teach you the fundamentals of the RMP including theoretical basis, standardization process, administration, and interpretation.

Often, team members misunderstand each other and form opinions about the other person based on self-hugging their own motivational drives.  “He’s an egghead, thinks too much”, “she is a loose cannon, unpredictable”, “he’s too stuck in his ways, is never willing to see other points of view”, or “she is too social, she would get more done if she stayed to herself more”.
All of these issues are the result of not understanding our own motivational drives and the motivational drives of other people. If these issues sound familiar, and if you want to have a better understanding of yourself as well as the people who work with you, then let us work with you!

  • Analyze leadership style
  • Heighten your senses for causes of miscommunication
  • Develop effective incentives
  • Balance work and personal life
  • Experience why the RMP is superior to other approaches
  • Practice administration and interpretation in a supportive and interactive environment
  • Provide disruption-free testing environments and maximize the gain of your counseling

Each paid participant is required to take the RMP - Self Discovery version online and each participant will be interviewed via telephone call or Skype prior to the course so that the information can be personalized to meet your specific professional area. Pre-study material will be provided upon receipt of paid enrollment. A certification exam will be administered at the end of the course.

The course enrollment is limited to 15 participants so that each participant gains maximum benefit. Enroll Now!

The RMP Master Certification for

Business Professionals

The RMP Master Certification for

Counselors, Coaches, and Therapists

Business Professionals completing the training will be qualified to purchase and use the RMP Business profiles.

Take your hiring process to the next level, and hold team buildings that actually bring your staff closer together! Empower your enterprise with better leadership style and intrinsically motivated employees.

Mental health professionals completing the training will be qualified to purchase and use the RMP in school and clinical settings.

Learn WHY your clients behave the way they do, and then you can suggest action plans that will be appreciated and yield results!

1) Each participant will be required to take the Reiss Motivation Profile® online.  Upon paid registration, the instructions for taking the profile will be emailed to the participant.  2) Each participant will be contacted by email to arrange an interview via Skype or other preferred app. The purpose of the interview is for our trainers to learn the participant’s previous experience with the Reiss Profile®, how you plan to use the profile, and your utilization/goals for the training.  The interview will help better prepare for your experience.  3) Each participant will be provided a copy of the book The Reiss Motivation Profile®: What Motivates You? (2013) and numerous hand-outs. It is recommended that you read the book in preparation for the training.

Evaluation For Certification:
Throughout the last 2 days of the training session, participants will be given mock profile assignments to develop and demonstrate proficiency in interpretation of the Reiss Profile®.  To receive certification, participants must attend all of the training session, participate in the mock profile assignments, and pass a written exam which will be administered on the last day of the training.  If participants fail the interpretation assignments but pass the written exam, more mock assignments may be given to the participant to complete under the supervision of our trainers until the participant is competent in providing quality interpretation.  If a participant fails the written evaluation, the participant will be invited to attend a subsequent master certification training at no additional registration charge.  Upon successful completion of the training and evaluation, a completion certificate will be issued from the Academy of Motivation and Empowerment, Inc., and the participant’s name and credentials will be submitted to IDS Publishing for Reiss Profile® Master Certification.

Cost & Payment:
The cost for this powerful certification training is $2,250. Full payment must be submitted prior to the beginning of the training session. Once you register for class, we will send you an invoice with a PayPal link that allows you to pay via PayPal or credit card. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Discounts for early registration and the registration for two or more classes are available and will be applied to your invoice.

Enroll Now!

Which Workshop Is Right For Me?
The Reiss Motivation Profile® Master Certification training is meant for professionals in human leadership positions who want to administer the Reiss Motivation Profile® in a business or therapeutic settings. We train and certify you to administer and interpret this powerful tool. Our Reiss Profile® Master certification training builds on the Unlocking Individuality training which is therefore, strongly recommended for anyone without a strong psychological background.
Looking for what motivates you, why you may feel stuck in life, and in what direction to go to unlock your full potential? Then our Keys to Mastering Your Success seminar is what you want. This two-day training's motto is branch out and succeed! We will help you align your inner drives with your goals, practice goal setting techniques, and improve your communication and leadership skills.

Your Trainer:
Jody Simpson, Ph.D. is a Certified School Psychologist and the owner of the Academy for Motivation and Empowerment, Inc.  She is also a certified trainer for the Reiss Motivation Profile®.  As a professional with more than 30 years in the mental health field, she has provided countless hours of therapy and performed thousands of diagnostic evaluations with children and adults. In business applications, she has used the Profile to help employers with pre-employment decisions, team building, and the develop better management skills.

Training Venue & Hotel information:
The next Reiss Motivation Profile® Master Certification seminar will be held at:

Aloft Dallas Love Field
2333 West Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX  75235

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