Unlocking Individuality

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Unlocking Individuality is a one day, intensive seminar which opens up the world to inner drives and motivation. You learn how colliding drives can negatively impact your staff, volunteers, or counseling clients. Then, we will teach you how to identify differences and improve your staff selection, counseling, and team effectiveness. This training is especially useful for people in leadership positions, HR professionals, team leaders, and therapists.

All human behavior can be described on the basis of 16 motivational drives. Our perception of the world as well as our interaction with others is filtered through these traits which make us individuals. Realizing that you are unique and others might react differently to a given situation or sentence, is incredibly powerful: Now you can cater to the communication needs of others, focus on the content of the message, and avoid conflict and miscommunication!

Learn how to

  • find the right words to get through to your clients and employees
  • improve communication among teams and counseling clients
  • reverse underachievement & increase productivity
  • hire the right person and assign tasks in a way that they are perceived as thrilling and motivating
  • reduce conflict
  • improve supervision skills
  • design effective improvement plans

Each participant will be required to take an online assessment prior to the seminar and the results will be used during the seminar.  This seminar promises to be empowering to you in getting to know yourself and how others perceive you. 

The course content is designed to be intellectually challenging and interactive. Our trainers will introduce the basics of the Reiss Motivation Profile® and discuss why it has surpassed old psychological approaches as the only valid, research based tool. Specifically, because it looks deeper into the underlying “why” of motivation and behavior. Small group activities will allow you to practice your newly-earned skills on the spot. Plenty of real life examples will illustrate how big the impact of colliding motivational drives can be to the success of businesses, counseling, and relationships.

Unlocking Individuality for

Business Professionals

Unlocking Individuality for

Counselors, Coaches, and Therapists

Ensure success from the get go:
Hire the right person for the job, someone who fits to you, your team, and your company culture. Then, increase workflow and productivity in your staff by reducing conflict, improving communication, and playing to the strengths and intrinsic motivations of your coworkers.

Knowing what drives a person empowers you to use talent at its fullest potential!

All the good advice in the world may be left unheard when conflicting parties communicate in different ways and project their motivational drives on others. Counselors may think clients just do not understand, teachers may feel like their students are being rude and inattentive, leaders may see a group of volunteers quarrel even though they are all saying the same thing and pursuing the same purpose.

Finding out the different motivational drives at play can be such a relief because you can now effectively implement improvement plans!

To learn about motivational drives, each participant will be required to take the Reiss Motivation Profile® online before the beginning of the seminar. Upon paid registration, the instructions for taking the Profile will be emailed to the participant. The results will be handed to you in a confidential envelope at the beginning of the training and you will learn the interpretation during the seminar.

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Which Workshop Is Right For Me?
Unlocking Individuality is meant for professionals in human leadership positions and as a primer for those who strive to become Reiss Profile® Masters. If you want to administer the Reiss Motivation Profile® in a business or therapeutic setting, you need to become a certified Reiss Profile Master. Our Reiss Profile Master certification training builds on Unlocking Individuality and is therefore, strongly recommended for anyone without a strong psychological background.
Looking for what motivates you, why you may feel stuck in life, and in what direction to go to unlock your full potential? Then our Keys to Mastering Your Success seminar is what you want. This two-day training's motto is branch out and succeed! We will help you align your inner drives with your goals, practice goal setting techniques, and improve your communication and leadership skills.

Your Trainer:
Jody Simpson, Ph.D. is a Certified School Psychologist and the owner of the Academy for Motivation and Empowerment, Inc.  She is also a certified trainer for the Reiss Motivation Profile®.  As a professional with more than 30 years in the mental health field, she has provided countless hours of therapy and performed thousands of diagnostic evaluations with children and adults. In business applications, she has used the Profile to help employers with pre-employment decisions, team building, and the develop better management skills.

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