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Corporate training is growing

2015 data indicates that companies spend 30-40% of their annual expenses on employee training.  How might this amount be reduced if the right person was hired for the right job in the beginning? Management and leadership training continues to be the #1 area of corporate human resources spending. Building skills at all levels is a crucial element to success.  Corporations spend a great deal of time and money in skill training, as well as training in interpersonal communication and interaction.

New Concepts Tailored To Your Style and Culture

We are passionate and ready to provide your business or organization with trainings which are tailored to your organization's culture and employees. We provide one or two day seminars designed to improve communication among staff, increase your management’s team effectiveness, and improve team functioning in all aspects of your organization. Let the staff of the Academy for Motivation and Empowerment provide trainings on your site or at an inspiring retreat location.  You decide on the format: classroom presentation style or a staff retreat, and let us provide the content. The cost varies, depending on your needs. Please contact us so we can discuss how we can help your organization reach new levels of effectiveness and productivity.

Be At The Forefront Of Science

Why are there so many programs and so little real and lasting success? Companies spend a ton of resources to explore programs to motivate and retain employees – incentives, employee recognition, cafeteria style benefits, various morale boosters. The same old ideas, with a new title and new look, emerge daily. However, none of these programs are based on the intrinsic values of people. We tend to gravitate toward programs which would motivate us, while ignoring that everybody is motivated differently. What would it be worth to your company, how much could you save on training, and how much of your budget could be allocated to other uses, if you had reliable data to develop leadership skills and motivate employees at a deeper level?

Our tool of choice is based on science and the principal assessment tool to learn what motivates any individual and how these individuals can be directed to unexpected personal and professional growth!

We have several trainings every year and most of the information is forgotten within a few weeks.  In all of my years as an administrator, this is the first training that has stuck.  Two years later, we are still benefitting from the experience.

R.J., Public School Superintendent

Knowing their intrinsic motivation system...

Increasing efficiency and productivity is more than becoming aware of interaction style and communication.  Outward behaviors are the result of inward motivational drives.  True productivity and the knowledge of effective leadership occurs only when internal motivations are discovered.

Through working with your business on many levels, we can help you with issues including:

  1. How can I hire the right person for the right job?
  2. What intrinsic skills or talents do I need in various positions?
  3. How can I train better managers and leaders in my company?
  4. What can the company offer to increase morale?
  5. What should be the composition of teams to maximize productivity?
  6. What is the image my company projects and what should it be projecting to be successful?
  1. Who should be my successor as I approach retirement?
  2. What are our obstacles to becoming more productive?
  3. How can the company evolve and change to meet demands in the future?
  4. What should be the composition of talents in the new branch office to ensure a successful start-up?
  5. How can I reduce and resolve conflict within the office?
  6. How can I communicate more effectively?

I think of you often as I reflect on the cohesiveness of our cabinet at the State Department.  You were SO instrumental in giving us such a clear understanding of one another and a strong foundation for our team.  We refer to some of what we learned of one another quite often.  It was so helpful in many, many ways.  You were the perfect guide for us to better understand how to build a better team.  

We collectively thank you!

Joy Hofmeister, Superintendent of Public Instruction

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