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Do you ever feel like you could do so much better if other people would just understand you? We know from coaching individuals and businesses that nothing is as detrimental to your own career or your awesome business idea as bad communication either between your teams or with your clients! Indeed, more and more individuals and businesses realize that you can do better by improving communication and workflow. And thus, demand for trainings is skyrocketing. New research based psychological methods find that once you understand your own inner drive you can understand other's motivation and communication profiles. With this powerful tool you are at the top of your game and are able to communicate to others just in the way that their psychological profile filters information.

During our trainings you receive the full attention you need to maximize your learnings and become the most powerful you! Our trainings have limited seats and deliver a theoretical foundation integrated with many practical applications, so that you can practice your new skill set right then and there. Setting goals and combining your new skills from the newest and most advanced psychological mechanics with your awesome self will put you at the top of the success board! Check out our current training schedule and sign up today!

Unlocking Individuality

This intense one-day training opens up the world to inner drives and motivation. You learn how colliding drivers can negatively impact your staff, volunteers, or counseling clients. Then, we will teach you how to identify differences and improve your staff selection, counseling, and team effectiveness. This training is especially useful for people in leadership positions, HR professionals, team leaders, and therapists. Take Action Now! ENROLL or Read more ...

Reiss Motivation Profile® Master Certification Training

The Reiss Motivation Profile® reveals who you are, what motivates you, your deepest values, and how you are likely to react to numerous situations and various people. It is the most valuable tool for HR directors, employers, and mental health professionals. This three-day training course certifies you to become a Reiss Profile Master which allows you to utilize the assessment in your work place. Take Action Now! ENROLL or Read more ...

Keys to Mastering Your Success

This two-day training is targeted towards people who want more out of life. We will help you line up your inner drivers with your goals, practice goal setting techniques, and improve your communication skills. We help you get focused. Whether you feel stuck in life, looking for the right kind of job, want to branch out, or want to reach higher, this course will empower you!  Take Action Now! ENROLL or Read more ...


Our Training Schedule

Contact us to schedule this event in your organization!upon requestUnlocking Individuality
Contact us to schedule this event in your organization!upon requestKeys to Mastering Your Success
Madrid, SpainMay 20-22, 2019Reiss Motivation Profile Master Certification Training
Herndon, VAJune 3-5, 2019Reiss Motivation Profile Master Certification Training


True story about Sadie:

Sadie’s adoptive parents, school principal, kindergarten teacher, and the team of special education professionals are having a meeting regarding Sadie’s potential special education needs.  Sadie has a diagnosis of Autism and, after having Sadie in the classroom for the past 3 months...

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If I like it, you do too

Company B is a medium sized retail business.  The company has, among its employee motivation programs, a “salesperson of the week” award which is announced at the Monday morning sales team meetings.  The company also recognizes employees who make a positive contribution of ideas or who receive kudos from clients.

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True story about Alice:

When Alice was in the 2nd grade, she had a great teacher, especially skilled in teaching reading skills to her young students.  Alice seemed to be a bright child, easily commanded and exceeded the basics of reading at her grade level, and she was very sociable with her peers. 

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