Have you ever felt

as though your life is bland or unfulfilled?

Not really "in" life

You wake up, go to work or school, go home, and you get through life but not really “in” life. You likely have contact with other people, some of whom you get along with well and others you may prefer to avoid. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, your inner drives, what makes you happy, and that which intrinsically motivates you are the goals in working with our clients. We will help you break new ground either in personal breakthrough sessions or in our Keys To Mastering Your Success seminar!

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

  • Why do I feel “stuck” in my life?
  • What type of job/career is best for me?
  • Why do I have more conflict with some people than with others?
  • Why do I have trouble saying “no”?
  • Why are some situations so difficult for me?
  • What are my personal strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do I underachieve in school or at work?
  • Why is school so hard for me?
  • What is the best method for me to learn?

Relationships are complex

Whether the relationship is between spouses, parent-child, siblings, parent-adult child, co-workers, business partners, or best friends, the dynamics are forever changing.

Our behavior is variable, depending on the situation. But our internal motivation and drives change very little, or not at all, throughout our lifespan. Knowing your intrinsic motivation system allows you to communicate better in any relationship and really achieve your goals!

Knowing your intrinsic motivation system...

...brings new awareness to understanding the times of harmony and discord between people.
Each of us is perfectly perfect within ourselves, and each is uniquely individual in that which drives us.  Knowing yourself and appreciating the internal uniqueness of individuals creates the foundation of respect for our differences.  This is essential to developing strong bonds which withstand adversity. 

I thought I knew myself but you gave me insight and answered so many questions.  I feel more empowered by gaining an understanding of who I am.  I could have avoided mistakes if I would have known about my inner motivation sooner.  Thanks for the awakening.

M.S., University Student, Dallas TX

Empower yourself, Discover your motivation

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